A completely innovative approach to shoulder health

Unlike other VR systems, Reach dynamically adapts to your shoulder limitations while you progress to better shoulder health.

Why is dynamic adaptivity important?

Reach assesses your shoulder limitations.

Reach uses VR experiences to assess your shoulder health in three dimensions: range of motion (we call it volume of motion), velocity, and accuracy.

Exercise games adapt to you.

Unlike other systems, Reach's proprietary algorithms dynamically adapt VR exercise games to address your specific limitations.

You can monitor your progress.

With Reach, you have complete visibility to your progress through the client dashboard. Set goals knowing that Reach's adaptivity will keep you safe as you advance.

Start your shoulder health journey.

One in three people will have shoulder issues during their lifetime. If you experience shoulder pain, you know how much it can impact everyday activities. Reach motivates you to play your way to better shoulder health-- virtually!

At home, on your own schedule

Avoid costly and time-consuming appointments during the day. Use Reach on your own schedule at home, and take it with you when you travel.

A young man wearing a headset and playing a virtual reality game.

Motivating and engaging games that bring you back

VR games that don't feel like exercise keep you motivated and challenged so you'll want to come back again and again. Daily exercise is key to shoulder health!

Games that are easy to play for users of any age

Reach runs off-the-shelf on VR devices that are used by millions of people. Our system requires no special skill to operate, and the games are optimized to enhance your comfort and minimize the effects of VR motion sickness.

An older man wearing a headset and playing a virutal reality game; his grandchild is seated next to him and embracing him.

Monitor Your Progress

When you start using Reach, you'll gain access to your own web-based dashboard showing your weekly assessments, daily results, and overall progress.

Job openings

  • Role
    Overall Shoulder Health
    Overall shoulder health is represented by an aggregate of volume, velocity, and accuracy. Let the numbers tell your shoulder health story!
  • Role
    3D Visualizations
    View 3D models of your movements for all Reach game sessions and the Reach assessment. Visualize your limitations and set your goals.
  • Role
    Progress Over Time
    Track your progress in Reach over time with longitudinal reports that help you understand areas of shoulder strength and weakness.

Shoulder health— for life!

Studies show that daily shoulder and arm movement is a key component of staying healthy. The Reach system will challenge you to advance and keep you at your best. Ready to get started?